Inspiring you to go back to the way food used to be
To deliver high-quality locally raised meat to more people and inspire them to go back to the way food used to be. Closer to home.
Our Meat

We process our meat at provincially inspected facilities. Because we use local butchers, you won't find a federal grade on it. What you will find is a top quality product every single time we deliver.


We think meat should stay closer to home. For many reasons. So, we seek out fantastic farmers and ranchers with quality meat right around the metro “hubs” we live in. Our local communities are more important than ever. That’s why all the products we offer are processed by local butchers in health inspected facilities. It means we can continue building a more resilient circular food system at the community level. Less distance means we don’t have to ship on dry ice, and you don’t have to wait multiple days to receive your meat.


Meat packing plants turn out 85% of Canada’s beef. There is a serious lack of diversification in North American processing


Hogs are processed each week in Canada's largest processing plant


The number of cattle a week that federally inspected facilities process


Cattle in Alberta were backlogged in March 2020 when covid hit. The supply chain was seriously rattled.


Average miles that beef travels to be processed in North America
It wasn't too long ago that your meat was different. It was raised by a local farmer and processed by a local butcher. You knew what went into it, and you knew what you got out of it. Not only could see the difference in quality... you could taste it.
Today, the reality is that the meat on your plate has travelled hundreds, if not thousands of miles before ending up on your tables. Sure, it still comes from a farm. But whose farm? And how was it raised? If you bought it from a grocery store, it was more than likely processed by a big corporate packer, like Cargill or JBS. On any given day, one of their facilities can process more than 4,500 beef and 26,000 hogs. So, the next time you bite into your grocery store burger, understand this... there can be upwards of 1,000 different animals in that patty.
Call us old school, but at MeatMeatGo we believe that going back to basics is better. That's why all of the meat we sell is raised by a local farmer and is processed by a local butcher. We know what goes into it, so you can get the most out of it. After all...why have 1,000 different animals in your burger when you can have just one?